Alissa is available to speak on a range of subjects from the value of thinking and living differently to issues that confront working women. To find out more, please contact Charles Yao at the Lavin Agency and/or see some of Alissa’s talks below:



Nov. 2014 | "Not daycare, but anytime care" with Krystal Ball, MSNBC 

Sept. 2013 | "Alissa Quart & Susan Cain discuss Republic of Outsiders" with Susan Cain at Strand, Book Forum 

Aug. 2013 | "Disrupt The Status Quo: Alissa Quart On The Perks Of Being an Outsider," The Lavin Blog

Jun. 2013 | "From Gen X to Z: Teens and the New Cool," Frontline

Mar. 2003 | "Consuming Passions: Shopping and Brand Names," C-SPAN

Feb. 2003 | "Book Discussion on Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers," C-SPAN

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