Alissa Quart is a keen observer of our culture and a believer in the power of poetry to cut to the heart of issues around us: money, class, gender and the environment.
— National Public Radio


Reflecting on money, aging, motherhood, work, the Internet, the eighties, nostalgia, journalism, and New YorkAlissa Quart's first book of poetry, Monetized, sifts brilliantly through our landscape of damaged Americana. From spam ads to tech speak, from self-help to real estate to the lingo of gossip or "mom" sites, these poems insistently limn a country where nearly everything has taken on the character of money. Monetized also reflects upon a shared longing for the analogue era, as well as our longing for a less commercialized past. This book is a remarkable account of a state of yearning for the passing moment in a period of rapid acceleration, a feeling Quart calls "right-now-nostalgia."


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Dense, aphoristic, playful... [the poems examine] the hollow satisfactions of Internet culture (“ ‘What’s the point?’ seeps out / of that hyperlink”); the simultaneous pride and shame with which we approach our own consumer identities (“Overnight, binging turned positive”); the commercialization of self-perfection...
— The New Yorker
When it comes to the sound of today, [Quart] has perfect pitch.
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
[This] new volume of sensitive and searing poems plumbs the depths of what it is to be alive and adrift in a sea of commercial transactions. Quart’s laser-sharp phrases...have a way of sticking around in your head long after you turn the final page.
— Alternet


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